PGDLAN Materials

PGDLAN Study Material

MLI-001 Introduction to Computers
Block-1 Basics of Computers and Communication (Hardware)
Block-2 Software
Block-3 Computers and Society
MLI-002 Library Automation
Block-1 Introduction to Library Automation
Block-2 Management of Library Automation
Block-3 Automated Housekeeping Operations
Block-4 Computerised Information Services
MLI-003 Information Systems
Block-1 System Analysis and Design
Block-2 Type of Information Systems
Block-3 Data Models and Database Design
Block-4 Query Language and Query Processing
MLI-004 Networking and Internet Technology
Block-1 Introduction to Networks
Block-2 Library and Information Networks
Block-3 Internet Technology
MLI-005 Internet Resources
Block-1 Types of Resources (by Form)
Block-2 Types of Resources (by Subject)
MLI-006 Content Development
Block-1 Content Analysis
Block-2 Content Development
MLI-007 Programming Language
Block-1 Theoretical Aspects of Programming

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