Library automation refers to the use of a computer to automate the typical procedures of libraries such as Acquisition, Cataloguing and Circulation, Serial Control and others. Automation is a process of using machinery for easily working and saving human power and time. The main purpose of library automation is to free the librarians and library staff and to allow them to contribute more meaningfully to the spread of knowledge and Information.

To turn a library into an automated system from a traditional library we need first some automation tool or better-said automation software. There are many automation software available in the market like ‘Alexandria’, ‘Koha’, ‘Evergreen’, ‘Libsys’, ‘Libsoft’, ‘Millennium’, ISO 2709′, ‘MARC standards’, ‘MetaLib’, ‘Lura Tech’, ‘Z39.50’ and much more. Some are paid and some are open source. From all these software Koha is making a revolution in automation. Open source is the most important feature of Koha. Open source permits you to customise it according to you. Here I have provided some tips and tricks to implement Koha and after that some customisation and setting up various parameters and modules and after that how to use it.

Guidelines for Koha

From My Manual Here you can find the process of installing Koha on Ubuntu through commands and customisation of administration and different modules.
Video Guide Here you can find the process of Installing Koha and Importing Data in Koha from excel file.
MARC Rules From here you can find the general rules for Cataloguing in MARC format
DDC Summery From here you can find the First, Second and Third Summary of DDC
MARC Rules APP This is the MARC 21 Application for using in Android phones (Made by D. P. Tripathi, AL, NITRKL)
Koha Live CD/DVD Vimal Kumar | | Vinod Kumar Mishra | | D P Tripathi | | SOSS | | Wasim Rahaman
Koha Manual Here you can find the in detail manual of Koha from the Koha Community.
Koha Customisation Vimal Kumar | | L2C2 Technologies | | Vinod Kumar Mishra
Koha Customisation Replace Old Database into New Koha | Vidoe Guide 
More on Koha Here you can find the various process of in-house working in Koha (by D.P. Tripathi).


Housekeeping Operation in Koha through Video Guides
Install Ubuntu along with Windows Install Koha
Configuration- Global System Preferences- Manual | Video Configuration- Basic Parameters- Manual | Video
Configuration- Patrons & Circulation- Manual | Video Configuration- MARC Framework- Manual | Video

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4 thoughts on “Automation

  1. This is the best website i ever have seen. This website provides a lots of information on various Library science topics. I am student of M.lib &I.Sc . Some time when i facing various problem regarding koha , Marc 21 cataloging format , different software packages, library study material etc then non but your valuable website help me a lot as virtual tutor. I am not as good student as my classmate but my ambition is to become a good librarian with a versatile knowledge of ICT technology. And your updating information on this site help me to achieve my Goal.


  2. Koha export all its bibliographic details in (*.mrc) format. And from *. mrc format I want to convert it to excel (.xls)format.Please upload a tutorial.


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