Koha Configuration – MARC Bibliographic Framework

After configuring patrons and circulation we will move to configure MARC framework. This will help us to enter a catalogue entry simply in the Catalogue module. The by default frameworks have a large number of fields in different tabs which may not be needed while entering a catalogue record. Configuring the MARC framework will help to hide the unnecessary fields so that it looks small and simple. You can hide the unnecessary fields by editing one by one or you can import a pre-configured framework where the fields are hidden and only necessary fields are open. Further, you can also hide or open any field as your concern. We will go to
Log in–> Administration Module–> Catalogue
You can go through the manual or video guide for details.
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Koha Configuration – Patrons and Circulation

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After setting up the Basic Parameters next to it is setting up the patron categories and circulation fine rules. This will help to define patron categories and the privileges will be given to them for issue-return of books. To set this up we will go to
Koha Administration–> Partons & Circulations
There you will find these two categories to set up the patron category and circulation rules. Go through the manual for configuring the same. You can also go through the video guide.
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Koha Configuration – Basic Parameters

After setting up the Global System Preferences we will go to the next level configuration which is setting up the basic parameters like creating libraries, item types authorized values etc. After 17 version of Koha, it is required to create one library and one item type while Installing Koha (web-installer). We just have to update them here or to create a new library and item type(s). To edit the same we will go to Log in–> Koha Administration–> Basic Parameters. There you will find four-category under it. Go to each parameter and set it up as per your requirement.
You can find the manual of how to set up the basic parameter here. You can also go through the video guide of the same.
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Koha Configuration – Global System Preferences

After successful installation of Koha, it is required to set some parameter in the administration module in order to use Koha. This configuration is a one-time job and is not fixed. The settings may vary from institute to institute as per the requirements. But some of the parameters in every module is same as these are like basic configuration.
Login to Koha client–> Administration Module–> Global System Preferences
Find the manual of configuring Koha Global System Preferences here. You can also have look on it through the video guide.
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