Install Koha Fresh or through VirtualBox

Dear all,
The CoProfessionals [LIS] is here again with a new update on installing of Koha. As I received some emails on how to install Koha both for official use and for practice. Many professionals are often interested to familiar with Koha in both the ways but, the common problem they face is installing error while command lines and various practice/ experiments, upload/ remove of data while practice. So here is the solution for both the problems.
The following video is how to install Koha fresh through command lines on Ubuntu for officially use you can also take help form the manual and the next video is on how to install Koha for practice. The second one is made through Koha on VirtualBox. VirtualBox is a process to create a separate storage on your Windows OS. Through this process one can avoid dual booting system and avoid grub mode while deleting the OS. You can remove Koha and Ubuntu easily by uninstalling VirtualBox from Windows control panel without interrupting other running programs in Windows.
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Koha Live DVD on Ubuntu 16.04.3 and Koha 18.11.02

Dear All,
The CoProfesssionals [LIS] has come up with a completely different thing this time. We have created our own Koha live DVD in ISO image file for those friends who faced different problems during the installation of Koha. Through this ISO file, they can easily install Koha within a few minutes. In this file, fresh Koha is installed without any data in it.

But it is recommended that users can use this file for practice only. As the suggestion from the Koha developers that for your library these ISO files should not be used officially. You can find the ISO file from the Automation tab under LIS Tech in the main menu or may download directly from here.

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Android App Version 3.0 Released

Dear All,
The CoProfesssionals [LIS] has came up with its own updated android app version 3.0. This version is updated with some links and added some important main stream menu like research support tool and reference management tool. You can download the app from here. Any suggestion or improvement from your side is always welcome either from the comment section or through direct mail.
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Managing Library through Automation and Website

Dear all,
The Co-Professionals came up with their new updates on two of the most discussed library technologies i.e. Library Automation and Library Website Designing. Most of the libraries are going for automation now a days on Koha, either fresh automation or migrate from other automation. Having separate library website is also a modern service through which a library can uplift. So, we have designed here two video and two manual where installation and customization of there two software are described. You can find the Koha Installation Video, Full Manual, WordPress Installation Video and Full Manual to moderate your library operations and for the betterment of your library services. You can also find it on Automation tab and Content Management tab under LIS Tech.
Any suggestion from your side to improve the services is always welcome.
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